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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 4th Grade
Lesson Plans

Standard 1

Students will understand the relationship between the physical geography in Utah and human life.

Objective 2

Analyze how physical geography affects human life in Utah.
  • NHMU: Cultural Clutter - Tales In The Trash
    Students will list three or more types of evidence of prehistoric cultures that encouraged archaeologists to investigate the marshes around the Great Salt Lake. Students will also explain why it is important not to disturb archaeological remains.
  • Shoshone Seasonal Land Use and Culture
    The student will be able to analyze the relationship between the culture and environments of the Northwestern Shoshones. The student will also understand the importance of oral tradition to the transmission of Shoshone culture.
  • The Bear Dance as an Expression of Ute Culture
    The student will learn about Ute culture by investigating the Bear Dance tradition.
  • The Pony Express
    How do you get to school each day? Is it a well known or marked path? What would happen if they didn't know where they were going? Try to draw a map showing them the information they have just provided.
  • The Trade Economy of the Southern Paiutes
    The student will be able to identify the subsistence practices of the Southern Paiutes and analyze the economic and social connections between the different bands of Southern Paiutes in Utah.
  • Where Do the People in Utah Live?

    Enduring understanding: The physical geography of Utah influences where people live.

    Essential question:

    1. How do the physical features and landforms of Utah affect human settlement?

    This lesson will look at population concentrations in the State of Utah. Students will discuss the physical features that are part of various population centers and look for effects that those features may have on population.

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