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Library Media Curriculum Secondary Library Media (6-12)
Lesson Plans

Strand 3:

Identifying, evaluating, and selecting sources

Standard 2:

Select relevant sources.
  • Compare Spanish Speaking Country Information
    The purpose of this activity is two fold. The first is to show students that information can be found in both print and digital formats. The second is help the student in the Spanish class to understand another what another country is like.
  • Evaluate Websites Using the CRAP Checklist (9-12)
    Students will compare two websites (one obviously more credible than the other) and evaluate them using the "CRAP checklist." They will look at factors like currency, reliability, accuracy, and purpose.
  • How to select sources: a vocabulary exercise
    Students will be introduced to vocabulary used to effectively evaluate print and digital sources.
  • Rules of the Game Print vs Digital
    Students are to compare the rules of the game between what is online and in print. Students will use the World Book Encyclopedia in Utah's Online Library and the print materials that the library has on sports.

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