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Library Media Curriculum Secondary Library Media (6-12)
Lesson Plans

Strand 6:

Organizing, synthesizing, and presenting information

Standard 1:

Organize information from multiple sources.
  • Building Background Knowledge on The Holocaust
    This lesson will introduce ESL students to critical background information about the Holocaust prior to reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and will help them synthesize that information into a product for presentation (a Wordle). The lesson begins with a brief review on nonfiction reading strategies. Following this, students will work in pairs to answer questions specific to an interactive Holocaust Hotlinks activity. Their final assignment will be to identify key words about the Holocaust from their Hotlink activity and synthesize these into a Wordle for presentation during the following class session.
  • Picture This! Creating an Infographic
    Students will pull information from a research article, write the most important and/or interesting facts on several note cards, and create a visual representation (infographic) of the selected important points of their research.

  • Senior Capstone 3: Using Databases and Summarizing
    Students actively research their individual topics for valid sources using CRAAP tool in the Media Lab or in the classroom equipped with a mobile lab. Students select "best" sources from both print and digital "pools" and complete a rhetorical précis on each source that will be used/cited in their research papers.

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