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Health Education Curriculum Health Education - 4th Grade
Lesson Plans


Students will develop and practice basic skills for goal-setting, decision-making, and healthy relationships.

Standard 4.HF.2:

Describe how choices can have positive and negative consequences and give examples of how a person's decisions can be positively or negatively influenced by others, including peers. „
  • I am Unique and So Are You
    This is more like a unit plan that can help you get to know your students individually and help them get to know themselves and each other better.
  • Making Decisions
    Students will learn the skills needed to make decisions- in situations throughout the school day.
      Students will learn the following steps
    • identify the problem
    • gather information
    • identify alternatives
    • predict the immediate and long-term consequences
    • make the best choice
    • act
    • evaluate results.
    Students will practice these steps in within their classroom setting and then be prompted as they learn to incorporate them throughout their regular school day
  • Resolving Conflicts
    Students read about conflicts and examine the causes of the conflicts and the effects of the solutions

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