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Health Education Curriculum Health Education - 5th Grade
Lesson Plans

Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)

Students will identify the basics of nutrition, healthy eating habits that support a healthy body, and how to recognize eating behaviors. Students will also recognize nationwide food resources.

Standard 5.N.5:

Analyze the influence of media and technology, including social media, on personal and family nutrition and body image.
  • A Healthy Body Image
    Students will explore the impact of magazine advertisements on body image and individual purchasing.
  • Graphing a Healthy Lifestyle
    Students will, over a week, record the amount of time they spend sleeping, attending school, watching T.V., exercising and doing homework. At the end of the week the students will graph all of their information and discuss how sleep impacts their learning. The graphs will be used to discuss daily habits and ways to improve overall health.
  • Inherited vs. Acquired influences
    Students will be able to define inherited and acquired and know if their body shape is acquired or inherited. The students will also learn factors that influence their body shape.

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