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Health Education Curriculum Health Education - 5th Grade
Lesson Plans

Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)

Students will identify the basics of nutrition, healthy eating habits that support a healthy body, and how to recognize eating behaviors. Students will also recognize nationwide food resources.

Standard 5.N.2:

Create a healthy meal, including beverage, using current dietary guidelines.
  • Fruit Basket, Veggie Tray, or Mush Pot
    Students will learn the difference between fruits and vegetables, and will be able to name them.
  • Junk Food
    Students will research dietary guidelines, influence of the media and healthy/junk foods.
  • Nutrition Along The Oregon Trail
    By understanding how nutrition effects physical and mental wellness, and through tracing the history of the United States through the Oregon Trail which led to western expansion, students have an opportunity to understand the physical and mental difficulties faced by those who traveled along the Oregon Trail, and relate how following the Dietary Guidelines for Americans may impact the health of individuals as well as communities.
  • The Best Beverage
    The students will demonstrate an understanding of their amount of sugar intake of various beverages by stacking sugar cubes of the amount of their assigned beverage and completing the worksheet. Groups will present and report on their beverage after their work is complete.

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