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Health Education Curriculum Health Education II (9-12)
Lesson Plans


Students will apply practical knowledge and skills to develop lifelong behaviors for personal and community well-being.

Standard HII.SDP.3

Practice responsible ways to communicate online, via text, or through other electronic means and how to respond to inappropriate contact or sexual advances online, via text, or through other electronic means.
  • Being Good Digital Citizens with Today's Technologies
    During this lesson students will view a PowerPoint presentation to examine the dangers of technology. The presentation covers: pornography, cell phones, cyber-bullying, and social networking.
  • Being Good Digital Citizens... Project
    This lesson describes a basic research and presentation project related to dangerous technology practices and situations.
  • Cyber-Bullying Tee Activity
    Students will learn basic concepts surrounding Cyber Bullying.
    Students will then produce a Tee shirt idea about Cyber Bullying.
  • Digital Story on Digital Citizenship

    In this assignment, students will work together to create a digital story on the importance of digital citizenship. 

  • Internet Behaviors and their Consequences
    This lesson will help students identify a variety of teen behaviors on the Internet and the positive and negative consequences of these behaviors. The students will learn the type of behaviors that will help them be safer when on the Internet.
  • The Dangers of and Ways to be Safer Online
    Students will increase their knowledge of Internet safety. Students will explore and identify dangers on the Internet and learn ways to avoid situations that might be threatening or harmful.

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