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Health Education Curriculum Health Education II (9-12)
Lesson Plans

Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)

Students will develop lifelong strategies for healthy eating, body image, and understanding the food environment around them by locating and using accurate evidence-based nutrition information.

Standard HII.N.1

Use accurate nutrition information and current research-based guidelines to describe the importance of drinking water and eating a variety of nutrient dense foods to balance nutritional needs in a variety of settings.
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    In this lesson students will be creating a blog of meals that they have prepared and cooked at home. This will be done after the student have learned about the basic nutrients and how much they need in a day. This will be a month long project in which the students choose one meal a week to post about.

    All meals will need to be under a certain amount of calories and with the proper proportions of fat, protein and carbohydrates.

    This will create better retention of what we have learned in class because they will have created something from scratch and post about it in a fun and creative way. It will also give me an easy way to grade what hey have done at home as they will be submitting the link to me for grading.

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