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Financial Literacy Curriculum General Financial Literacy
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Strand 4

Students will understand principles of personal money management including budgeting, managing accounts, and the role of credit and impacts on personal finance.

Standard 4

Define rights and responsibilities of buyers and sellers under consumer protection laws.

  • Countdown to Retirement
    Play out the career and lifestyle of your choice, and see if your decisions allow you to retire in luxury -- or keep you working until the day you die. It all depends on the choices you make in life and how well you manage your money.
  • Federal Trade Commission: Consumer Information
    The Consumer Information section of the Federal Trade Commission web site offers advice on avoiding scams and rip offs, as well as on other consumer topics. This site also provides an online interface for filing a complaint with the FTC.
  • Federal Trade Commission: Identity Theft
    Learn what to do if someone steals your personal information and how to prevent it from happening.

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