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The unity among species, as evidenced in the fossil record, similarities in DNA and other biomolecules, anatomical structures, and embryonic development, is the result of evolution. Evolution also explains the diversity within and among species. Evolution by natural selection is the result of environmental factors selecting for and against genetic traits. Traits that allow an individual to survive and reproduce are likely to increase in the next generation, causing the proportions of specific traits to change within a population. Over longer periods of time, changes in proportions of traits due to natural selection and changes in selective pressures can cause both speciation and extinction. Changes in environmental conditions impact biodiversity in ecosystems affect the natural selection of species.
  • Asexual Reproduction
    What do hydras, planarians, and starfish have in common?Information and examples of asexual reproduction.
  • GSLC Teacher Resources
    From the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center, a classroom activity index, kits to carry out extended activities, and more.
  • Sexual Reproduction
    What do you know about gametes, meiosis, fertilization, patterns and cycles of animal reproduction?

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