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Standard 5

Students will understand how Earth science interacts with society.

Objective 1

Characterize Earth as a changing and complex system of interacting spheres.

  • Earth's Albedo and Global Warming
    What is albedo? It's the measure of how much solar radiation is reflected from Earth's surface. Learn all about it here and its relation to global warming.
  • Earth's Four Spheres
    Use this interactive to learn about the spheres of the Earth and how they interact with each other.
  • Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions
    Can scientists predict when a volcano will blow? Learn about the processes scientists use to try to predict eruptions.
  • The Carbon Cycle
    Trace carbon as it moves through earth systems. From Physical Geography's biosphere chapter.
  • The Nitrogen Cycle
    Basic but thorough description of nitrogen's journey. From Physical Geography's biosphere chapter.
  • US Global Change Research Program
    Details on topics such as: atmospheric composition, cycles, ecosystems, and human contributions and responses to climate change.

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