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Genetic variation and the proportion of traits within a population can change over time. These changes can result in evolution through natural selection. Additional evidence of change over time can be found in the fossil record, anatomical similarities and differences between modern and ancient organisms, and embryological development.
  • 7th Grade OER Science Textbook for Utah SEEd Standards
    The Utah Science Open Educational Resources (OER) textbook project was started to bring Utah teachers together to create a resource that aligns to Utah core science standards. The Utah Science OER textbooks are not intended to be curriculum as they do not include labs, assessments, or a teacher guide with answers. They are intended as a reference material for students with content to support teachers classroom instruction and help make sense of science concepts found in standards. This OER textbook is also available in other languages at
  • GSLC Teacher Resources
    From the University of Utah's Genetic Science Learning Center, a classroom activity index, kits to carry out extended activities, and more.
  • Research Quest: What Happened at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosuar Quarry?
    Developed by the Natural History Museum of Utah, this program engages middle school students in standards aligned online investigations that use real museum objects and scientific research to support deeper learning.
  • SEEd Storyline 7.5.1
    Storyline Big Idea: Certain traits can affect an organism probability of survival.
  • SEEd Storyline 7.5.2
    Storyline Big Idea: Fossil record gives evidence that life has changed over time.
  • SEEd Storyline 7.5.3
    Storyline Big Idea: Modern and ancient body structures gives evidence of evolutionary relationships.
  • SEEd Storyline 7.5.4
    Storyline Big Idea: There are similarities and differences in embryo development across different species.

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