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Language Arts - Secondary Curriculum English Language Arts Grade 6
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Language Standard 1

Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
  • Grammar Exercises
    Teachers & Students: Interactive exercises on grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Great for all secondary grades.
  • Grammar Gorillas
    Students identify parts of speech. The Games can be played at two different levels.
  • Guide to Grammar and Writing
    Sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation, the Guide to Grammar and Writing provides a wealth of useful information for writers and teachers, including downloadable PowerPoint presentations; sentence, paragraph, and essay pointers; interactive grammar quizzes and much more.
  • Wacky Web Tale
    This interactive game has students completing stories with designated parts of speech. It provides additional options beyond the web tales, including information about the parts of speech as well as instructions on how to write and submit their own tale. Several of these tales are selected for publishing.
  • Writing and Assessing an Autobiographical Incident
    In this lesson from ReadWriteThink, students will build upon their knowledge of biographies to write their own autobiographical incident. Students will be given a rubric and shown several examples. They will then complete the writing process and share their autobiographies with the class.

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