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Mathematics - Elementary Curriculum Mathematics Grade 2
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Strand: GEOMETRY (2.G)

Reason with shapes and their attributes.
  • Bar Graph Sorter
    The objectives of this lesson are to introduce bargraphs and ask students to sort them by a particular attribute.
  • Geometry (2.G) - Second Grade Core Guide
    The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and educators around the state of Utah developed these guides for Second Grade Mathematics - Geometry (2.G)
  • Grade 2 Math Module 6: Foundations of Multiplication and Division (EngageNY)
    Module 6 lays the conceptual foundation for multiplication and division in Grade 3 and for the idea that numbers other than 1, 10, and 100 can serve as units. Topics in this module include: Formation of Equal Groups, Arrays and Equal Groups, Rectangular Arrays as a Foundation for Multiplication and Division, and The Meaning of Even and Odd Numbers.
  • Grade 2 Math Module 8: Time, Shapes, and Fractions as Equal Parts of Shapes (Engage NY)
    In Module 8, the final module of the year, students extend their understanding of partwhole relationships through the lens of geometry. As students compose and decompose shapes, they begin to develop an understanding of unit fractions as equal parts of a whole.
  • Grade 2 Mathematics
    In order to assist educators with the implementation of the Common Core, the New York State Education Department provides curricular modules in Pre-K-Grade 12 English Language Arts and Mathematics that schools and districts can adopt or adapt for local purposes.
  • Grade 2 Unit 5: Understanding Plane and Solid Figures (Georgia Standards)
    In this unit students will cultivate spatial awareness by further developing understandings of basic geometric figures, identifying plane figures and solid figures based on geometric properties, understand what an array is and how it can be used as a model for repeated addition and organize and record data using tallies, simple tables and charts, picture graphs, and bar graphs.
  • IXL Game: Identify the Fraction
    This game helps second graders reason with shapes and their attributes by identifying the fraction. This is just one of many online games that supports the Utah Math core. Note: The IXL site requires subscription for unlimited use.
  • Partitioning a Rectangle into Unit Squares
    The purpose of this task is to show the student that a rectangle can be partitioned into unit squares, and that there are a number of reasonable ways to count the resulting squares.
  • Polygons
    The purpose of this task is to give students practice identifying different types of polygons, namely triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons.
  • Representing Half of a Rectangle
    This task is for assessment purposes, providing a context for indentifying different ways of representing half of an object, a rectangle in this case. The task may also be used for instructional purposes but if so the teacher may wish to introduce some other ways of showing one half of the rectangle, such as dividing along a diagonal (and shading in one piece) or dividing it into four equal pieces, shading in two pieces that only touch at a corner.
  • Single Fraction Pointer
    This activity was designed to help students better understand fractions by practicing dividing a whole into a fraction and visualizing fractions on a number line.
  • Venn Diagram Shape Sorter
    This lesson is designed to introduce young students to the concept Venn diagrams and explore different kinds.
  • Which Pictures Represent One Half?
    The purpose of this task is for students to see different ways of partitioning a figure into two or more equal shares, by which we mean decomposing the figure into "pieces" with equal area.

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