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HONORS - Strand: STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY - Conditional Probability and the Rules of Probability (S.CP)

Use the rules of probability to compute probabilities of compound events in a uniform probability model (Standard S.CP.9).
  • Events and Outcomes (Counting)
    This collection of resources to teach graphing equations in slope intercept form includes warm-up exercises, a video presentation explaining the topic, practice exercises, worked examples, practice problems, and a review.
  • Events and Outcomes (Counting) video
    This video introduces and explains the topic.
  • Introduction to the Materials (Math 3)
    Introduction to the Materials in the Mathematics Three of the The MVP classroom experience begins by confronting students with an engaging task and then invites them to grapple with solving it. As students ideas emerge, take form, and are shared, the teacher orchestrates the student discussions and explorations towards a focused mathematical goal. As conjectures are made and explored, they evolve into mathematical concepts that the community of learners begins to embrace as effective strategies for analyzing and solving problems.
  • IXL Game: Probability: Permutations
    This game is designed to help students use permutations and combinations to compute probabilities of compound events and solve problems. This is just one of many online games that supports the Utah Math core. Note: The IXL site requires subscription for unlimited use.
  • Racing Game with One Die
    Students can simulate a race between two cars with the roll of a die and learn about probability through this activity.
  • Random Walk IV
    This task completes the line of reasoning of Random Walk III in a situation where the numbers become too large to calculate and so abstract reasoning is required in order to compare the different probabilities. It is intended for instructional purposes only with a goal of understanding how to calculate and compare the combinatorial symbols.

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