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Social Studies Curriculum Social Studies - 5th Grade
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Standard 5

Students will address the causes, consequences and implications of the emergence of the United States as a world power.
  • Causes of World War One
    Find out what happened and why.
  • Native Words/Native Warriors: Codetalkers
    Learn about this group of warriors that helped during World War I and II by speaking their own language.
  • NewsHour Extra | PBS
    This website lists current events and stories involving children.
  • On the Home Front
    This page contains 4 EDSITEment lessons in which students investigate how non-combatants contributed to the war effort during World War II and are then invited to reflect on how young people can contribute to the solution of contemporary national problems. Students will also investigate how posters were used to encourage home front efforts during World War II.
  • Research Starters: Civil Rights
    This site helps elementary students learn about, research, and write about the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Scholastic: Women's Suffrage
    Use this website to find out the history of women's voting rights and follow the story of Effie Hooby.
  • The Great Depression
    Learn about the Great Depression from diaries, crafts, , creating "A Room in Time," and writing your own journal entries.
  • The History Place: Child Labor In America 1908-1912
    Check out photographer Lewis W. Hine's (1874-1940) photographs and captions documenting Child Laborers from 1908-1912.
  • Who is Rosa Parks?
    A brief summary of Rosa Parks' story and other links to study her impact on the Civil Rights Movement.

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