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The framework of the United States Constitution and the functions of government are guided by principles essential for our way of life. An understanding of how these principles are applied in the rule of law, government, and politics is vital in order to be a responsible and effective citizen. Students need to be able to see how the ideals found in the Constitution are present in many of the issues of the day.

Possible Guiding Questions to Consider:

  • How are the principles of government embedded in the Constitution?
  • How did the shortcomings in the Articles of Confederation lead to the development of the Constitution?
  • How is e pluribus unum related to the concept of federalism?
  • Why is an independent judiciary so essential to our democracy? What are some of the fundamental purposes of judicial review?
  • How is judicial review a reflection of, and a response to, changes in our history?
  • What are the exceptional characteristics of the United States' form of government?

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