Shakespeare Resources


Educational Resources

52 Random Facts About Shakespeare
A collection of interesting Shakespeare facts, including his life and works.
The Complete Works of Shakespeare
This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993.
The Globe Theatre
Shakespeare's Globe is a unique international resource dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare's work and the playhouse for which he wrote, through the connected means of performance and education.
Shakespeare for Kids
If you are looking for Shakespeare related activities for children and families, this is the site for you. The Folger Shakespeare Library developed this site.
Shakespeare Online
Here are resources for the study of the man and his works. Includes play and character analysis, plot synopsis, source information, and answers to common questions.
Shakespeare Resource Center
A collection of links to help you find information on William Shakespeare. This site aims to make it a little easier to find your sources.
Shakespeare's Life and Times
This web site includes information on Shakespeare's life, the stage he wrote for, and the social, historical, intellectual, and artistic context of his time.
Shakespeare's Monologues
All of the monologues from Shakespeare's plays are here with play, act, scene, and line numbers of each.
Utah Shakespearean Festival: Educational Resources
The Educational Resources section of their web site provide hundreds of resources for learning more about Shakespeare, other playwrights, their work, and theatre in general.
William Shakespeare Birth Place
Learn about Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shakespeare's birth place.
William Shakespeare Sonnets
Read your favorite Shakespeare sonnet.
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Lesson Plans

Folger Shakespeare Library: Lesson Plan Archive
All Grades
You will find many activities and lesson plans to help you incorporate Shakespeare into your classroom instruction.
A Way with Words or Say What?
Grades 5-8
Shakespeare invented over 2,000 words and expressive phrases. In this lesson, students use drawing and pantomime to identify and analyze some of Shakespeare's phrases. They then write a story using the newly-identified words, lines, and phrases.
Playing with Puns
Grades 5-8
Students compare the puns and word play in selected scenes of the plays, The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary L. Blackwood and Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.
Characters for Hire! Studying Character in Drama
Grades 9-12
Students create a resume for a character in a play. This activity allows students to focus on one particular character within a Shakespearean drama and follow descriptions of that character throughout the play to determine the character’s education, skills, extracurricular activities, previous employment, and possible references.
Listening to Poetry: Sounds of the Sonnet
Grades 9-12
While teaching some of the formal terms used to describe sonnets will be one of the aims of this lesson, our starting point and central focus throughout will be learning to appreciate the sounds of poetry.
Shakespeare's Macbeth: Fear and the Motives of Evil
Grades 9-12
This resource contains an EDSITEment lesson in which students will study Shakespeare's Macbeth. Students will use an Internet search engine to collect instances in the play of specific key words.
Shakespeare's Othello and the Power of Language
Grades 9-12
This lesson contains seven activities for students to explore the linguistic ingenuity of Iago's rhetoric in Shakespeare's tragedy "Othello."
You Kiss by the Book: Romeo & Juliet
Grades 9-12
This lesson plan complements the study of plot and characterization in Romeo and Juliet in its focus on lyrical form and convention that heighten the impact of the action on the stage.
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Study Guides for Shakespeares Plays

The articles in these study guides by the Utah Shakespeare Festival are an educational jumping-off point to understanding and enjoying the play (in any production at any theatre) a bit more thoroughly.


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K-12 Utah Educators and students have access to these videos through Utah's Online Library - eMedia. Login to Utah's Online Library, use the eMedia link, search for the particular video you are interested in and preview or download the video.

My Shakespeare
This documentary follows a group of amateur actors from a poor neighborhood in northwest London as they attempt to put on Shakespeare's most recognized plays.
Shakespeare Animated Tales
Animated versions of Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Julius Caesar, The Tempest and many more.
In Search of Shakespeare
Mixing travel, adventure, and interviews this series explores the life of William Shakespeare.