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Weather Observations - Severe Weather

Have you ever planned an outdoor party or activity and had it ruined by bad weather?

The components or parts that make up our weather can be compared.

A hurricane is formed over warm oceans. Winds are at least 75 mph. The width of a hurricane can be many miles.

A tornado is a whirlpool of windy air over land. Winds can be 300 mph. The path of a tornado can cover several miles, but the width of a tornado is much smaller than a hurricane, usually covering an area less than 100 yards.

A thunderstorm is a storm with rain, high winds, dark clouds, lightning and thunder.

Rainstorms have dark clouds, rain showers, and breezes.


Ask your teacher if you can create the sound of a storm in your classroom. Turn off the lights and have everyone tap one finger on their desks as it start to rain. Tap all fingers on the desks as it rains harder. Have someone turn the lights on and off quickly to simulate the lightning. Add snapping fingers and stomping feet as the storm gets worse. Finally, repeat the sounds more quietly in reverse order as the storm passes over.

utah state board of education This Sci-ber Text was developed by the Utah State Board of Education and Utah educators.