Magnetism - Push Me ... Pull You!

People of all ages love to play with magnets.

There is something almost magical about using what looks like an ordinary piece of metal to push or pull things made of iron.

When was the last time you played with a magnet? When will you use a magnet again?

How about now? There is no time like the present. Get a couple of magnets and start investigating!

You're the scientist!

Since you are the scientist, you decide what materials you will need to use in your experiment about magnets.  Hint: don’t forget to use at least one magnet.

Again, you are the scientist. You get to decide what you will do. Remember to write down what you think will happen (your hypothesis) before you begin your experiment. Also, don't forget to record your observations (data) as you perform the experiments. How many experiments will you do? That is up to you. Remember, the more experiments you do, the more you will find out!

Write about it!
Describe what you learned from your investigations? List at least five properties you learned about magnets in your experiments. 

When something pulls another item towards it, scientists call it a force of attraction.

  • What do magnets attract?
  • Are magnets attracted to other magnets? Explain your answer.

When something pushes another thing away from it, scientists say that it is repelled.

  • Are magnets repelled by other magnets? Explain how you came up with this answer.
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