People and Planet - What Good Are Scientists?

Scientists provide data that informs the discussion of Earth resource use.
Scientists provide data about the location, availability, and relative abundance of Earth’s resources.  Armed with the data about Earth’s resources, the public is better equipped to discuss and make decisions about how to use the resources.  

Earth science literacy helps the public make informed choices
Knowledge is power. We have heard that phrase over and over as we attend school. Knowledge about the Earth is key when we, as humans, choose how to use natural resources here on Earth. We are able to gain knowledge about where and when to use natural resources as we learn about the Earth and Earth’s resources.  This gives us the knowledge we need to make informed choices about where to drill for oil, where the best wind plant locations would be, how to clean and conserve water, etc.

Source: Open Education Group Textbooks - Earth Science 

So what?
Think of a natural resource in your area.   List at least FIVE ways that scientists have provided useful data about your chosen resource.