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Box Elder County

Box Elder County’s history is diverse. Box Elder was created in 1856, though the Shoshoni Indians and the settlers continued to have violent clashes until 1863 when a treaty was negotiated by the Territorial Governor. Box Elder is probably best known as the home of Promontory, the site of the driving of the Golden Spike on May 10,1869. This spike was important both to Utah and the Nation since it represented the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. This county also has archaeological sites that date as far back as 12,000 years ago.

Today ATK, started in 1957, continues to help build NASA’s space shuttle booster rockets as well as the Minuteman missiles. Agriculture is also important to Box Elder County’s economy with the usual crops of hay, grain, and alfalfa as well as many fruit orchards. Box Elder iis also home to Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and much of the Great Salt Lake.

Created: 1856 Area: 5,444 square mile County seat: Brigham City Origin of name: so named because of the profuse growth of box elder trees near Brigham City.

The city of Corinne initially began as just another of the many "tent towns" created as the Union Pacific Railroad raced to meet the Central Pacific Railroad when the Transcontinental Railroad was built.

The classes at Howell Elemetary School are quite small and many grades are combined into one class.

ThTU-772 Space Shuttle Re-usable Solid Rocket Motor found at the Thiokol Outdoor Museum. These boosters are used at the Kennedy Space Center with the space shuttle program.

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