Emery County

Emery County Facts:

County Website: Emery County
Area: 4,472 square miles
: 10,370 (2015)
County Seat:
 Castle Dale
Origin of County Name: after territorial governor George W. Emery
Cities/Towns: Castle Dale, Clawson, Cleveland, Elmo, Emery, Ferron, Green River, Huntington, Orangeville
Economy: electric power generating, coal mining, livestock
Points of Interest: Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, The Green River, Joes Valley Reservoir, Huntington Canyon, Emery County Museums, Goblin Valley State Park, The San Rafael Swell


About Emery County:

Emery County can be found in the middle of the state of Utah and is about as square as they come, meaning the shape of the county of course. While visitors can see the evidences of dinosaurs at the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, one of the largest dinosaur quarries in the world, the earliest human occupants of this land were the Desert Archaic People as well as the Fremont People. It was officially formed in 1894 and named for the former territorial Governor, George W. Emery.

If you go there, it will be to see the goblins. Goblin Valley has many goblin shaped sandstone formations that are unique to this state park. Also, if traveling through during the watermelon harvest season, you’ll want to stop in Green River and pick up a world famous watermelon. Finally, the San Rafael Swell also has amazing land formations that are too often missed.



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