Morgan County

Morgan County Facts:

County Website: Morgan County
Area: 611 square miles
: 12,124 (in 2019)
County Seat:
 Morgan City
Origin of County Name: after LDS leader Jedediah Morgan Grant
Cities/Towns: Morgan City
Economy: livestock, manufacturing
Points of Interest: Devil’s Slide, East Canyon State Park, Francis Peak, Lost Creek Reservoir, Mountain Green trappers' confrontation site


About Morgan County:

The city of Morgan was settled in 1855, and the county was created in 1862. During the Utah War (1857-58), settlers in Milton supplied feed for the horses of Mormon troops stationed in canyon passes watching for Johnston's Army. Lot Smith of Stoddard blocked Echo Canyon, buried U.S. Army supply trains, and stampeded government horses and cattle. Despite such incidents, the "war" was settled peacefully.

Located in a high valley of the Wasatch Mountains, Morgan County is divided by the Weber River. The many streams that feed into the Weber made the valley attractive to fur trappers in the 1820s and to prehistoric Plains Indians and historic Shoshone and Ute Indians. In 1825, near present Mountain Green, trappers of the British Hudson's Bay Company under Peter Skene Ogden and competing American trappers came dangerously close to fighting, but Ogden kept the situation from becoming a major international incident.



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