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Piute County

Piute County was once home to both the Fremont Indians and, much later, the Piute Indians--the county's name sake. Later, in 1864, the towns of Circleville and Junction were settled by Mormon pioneers. The area became a mining area in 1868 and was labeled the Gold Mountain district. Towns, such as Marysvale, were built during this time. Several mining products have come from this area including gold, zinc, alunite, and uranium. These products were very important during World Wars I and II and may be important in the future, since there still remains areas that could be mined.

Today the area provides many agricultural resources such as livestock and dairy cows. As in most areas, agriculture is limited by the amount of water available. Piute and Otter Creek reservoirs are available for water recreation. A couple of the famous sites in the area include the city of Kingston and the Parker Home - boyhood home of Butch Cassidy in the southern most part of the county.

Road going down the valley, Piute County.

Front View of Pines Hotel.

Agriculture is a major part of life for the people of Piute County.

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