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Conference Proceedings

2016 CTE Family and Consumer Sciences Summer Conference

Opening Session
Martha Archuleta
Dietary Guidelines 2015
Naomi Brewer & Carolyn Washburn
Dating Survival

Samara Cipriani
Free Engaging Online Financial Literacy Resources for Your School with EverFi!

Emma Larsen & Wendy Mecham
Discovering the Power Within

Saralyn Lucas & Heidi Miller
Appropriate Sexual Education Practices, Healthy Relationships, and Reviews for Testing

Clay Olsen
Countering Today's Porn Culture

Lenora Reid
More From Awkward to Amazing

Terri Nicole Sawyer
Permanency: The Glue Into Adulthood for High School Students

Child Development/Early Childhood Education
Mary Christensen
Mind in the Making: Uses in the Classroom

Tiffany DeWitt
Sensational Ideas for Using the Sensory Table

Stacy Johnson & Terry Rawley
Helping Students Get Their CDA

Stacy Johnson & Terry Rawley
Mandatory ECE 2.5 Hour Student Training - What's This?

Stacy Johnson, Terry Rawley, & Holly Rawlins
The CDA is Not New, But Here is a Review

Sherry Plaskett
Movement: Five Fun Fundamentals - Using Movement, Music and Play

Holly Rawlins
CDA and Year-long ECE Alignment

FACS Exploration/Teen Living/College & Career Awareness
Rachel Gonzalez, Rachel Jorgenson, Ashley Langstron, Kaylee Sandstrom, Heidi Weight, Monica Milburn, & Pamela Rock
FACS Exploration Best Practices

Tami Flygare, Vikki Masters, & Lenora Reid
College and Career Awareness Updates

Lenora Reid
Shaping FCCLA Super Heroes
Fashion / Clothing / Textiles
Kris Caldwell
Fashion Capitals and Designers

Darlene Christensen & Carolyn Washburn
This Little Lamb Went to Market... Wool Felting & Cooking with Lamb

Elizabeth Davis Evans
Rolled Pillowcase

Jen King & Nancy Lunak
Apparel & Fashion Industry Advisory Q & A Panel

Ryan Poole
The Art of Fashion Illustration

Ryan Poole
Social, Digital and New Media Marketing

Foods and Nutrition / Culinary Arts
Amy Carsten
Foods 2 Roundtable

Maryam Chaney
Easy As Pie!

Becky Cox
Utah Food Handlers Permit

Becky Cox & Paige Wright
Knife Skills for Foods II

Liz Dalton
Sports Nutrition and Lab Ideas

Christine Holt
Vitamins & Minerals Stations

Foods and Nutrition / Culinary Arts
Kimberly Loveland
Smart Snacks in Schools

Jean Manuela & Pamela Rock
Labs for Performance Objectives, 3, 4, 5, 6

Kortney Schlappi
Food Service/Culinary Arts Roundtable

Janet Woodward
Food Costing Made Simpler with Cook Keep Book

Paige Wright
A, B, C, D or E: Other Ways to Assess Student Learning and Success

General/Teaching FACS
Jana Pendleton
COLORWORKS: Using Color to Simplify & Organize Your Classroom

GaeLynn Peterson
Taking Control of the Classroom Using Love & Logic Technique

Carolyn Washburn
How Did We Get Here?

Technology in the Classroom
Kris Dobson
Beyond Those Flipping Books