Foods and Fitness - Foods/Nutrition I
Giving the Body Energy

Unit I - Carbohydrates Simple and Complex

As a pre-assessment have the students sort food pictures into carbohydrate foods and other food groups. Save the carbohydrate food pictures to be used later on to divide into simple and complex carbohydrates.


Have the students work in groups to compile a list of carbohydrates eaten during the past week.  Assign a recorder and save the lists to use later.


Place individual food models or actual food on separate plates.  Ask the students the following questions.  Responses may be written or oral.


  1. Identify which foods are high in carbohydrates?
  2. Identify which foods are low in carbohydrates?
  3. Identify which foods are complex carbohydrates?
  4. Name the simple carbohydrates?
  5. What food item is highest in total carbohydrates?

Food items displayed: Total Carbohydrates
(grams per serving)
white bread 12 grams
potato 35 grams
soft drink, 6 oz. 19 grams
white enriched rice 35 grams
egg 0.6 grams
table sugar, 1 tsp. 12 grams
cereal (cornflakes) 24 grams
strawberries, sweetened, frozen  1/2 cup  33 grams
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