Foods and Fitness - Foods/Nutrition I
Regulating Body Functions

Unit I - Basic Vitamins Water-Soluble and Fat-Soluble

As a pre-assessment give each group of students a set of cards with:

  1. the names of vitamins printed 
  2. picture drawings of the food sources for each vitamin.


PART A:  Have the students match the vitamin card to its most common food source.  Check to see how each group did and then discuss.

PART B:  Instruct students to take out the picture cards and set them aside.  SORT the vitamin cards into Fat soluble vitamins and Water soluble vitamins.  (See background information for list.)

PART C:  Have a third set of cards with the functions of each vitamin for the students to match.

VARIATION:  In a big basket place several different fruits and vegetables.  Make several cards labeled with major vitamins.  Place them on counter.  Have volunteers place each fruit and vegetable in front of the card that indicates the vitamins it is most abundant in.  The rest of the class can help the volunteer determine the placement of the fruit or vegetable.

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