Foods and Fitness - Foods/Nutrition I
Reflection Notebooks

Each student should have a notebook in which to keep assignment, work papers, and writing responses to thought-provoking or feeling-type questions. The activities meant to allow use of this strategy of recording thoughts and reactions can be of a personal nature. Students should respond freely, with no fear of being graded (other than it is done or it is not done--pass, fail) and with no fear that the teacher will violate confidences, but they should not write anything they do not want the teacher to read. This is a private journal for students to record thoughts, make judgments, think about relationships, take an account of items that impact their behavior, and react to their world as they are personally affected by the concepts being taught in the classroom.

The notebook can be organized into units equivalent to the course being taught. Some assignment and worksheets such as HEALTHY HABIT DIARY AND SIX ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS are used continuously throughout the course. These papers would be readily available as needed.

It is a good idea to provide a place where each member of the class stores the notebook. This eliminates the problem of the notebook being in the locker when the teacher wants the student to use it.

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