Foods and Fitness - Foods/Nutrition I
This curriculum guide for FOOD & NUTRITION 2 - formerly FOOD FOR LIFE is an advanced nutrition and food course with a global perspective. Students will be introduced to various food cultures, food patterns in the family life cycle, and learn proper meal management. This is VOLUME III in a series of Food Nutrition and Science Curriculum projects developed for the state of Utah.

All nutrition and food science classes need to have management and introductory units in place. What is contained in this guide is based on belief that the teacher has started the course with CLASSROOM AND LABORATORY MANAGEMENT designed to be the first experience of the FOODS AND NUTRITION 2 course. The management unit is found in VOLUME I - the Utah State Board of Education curriculum guide NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCE, CLASSROOM AND LABORATORY MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM published in 1992 and revised in 2006.

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