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Created by the cofounder of Canvas, Devlin Daley, Derivita is a first of its kind math platform with a proprietary computer algebra system. Built for teachers, Derivita provides an immense library of 45,000+ questions from 6th Grade to Calculus. Student submissions are entirely auto-graded and students are provided with immediate, meaningful feedback. Derivita can be used with any textbook or curriculum, integrates seamlessly with Canvas, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any device. With capabilities such as SpotCheck for real-time student engagement and class participation, ShowWork for capturing handwritten student work, and an easy to use Question Editor, Derivita provides a full suite of tools for teachers for both in-person and remote learning.

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Derivita Aims to Disrupt Legacy Math Products by Focusing on Equity and Access

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UEN has a statewide agreement with Derivita. This exclusive discounted license is for K12 districts and schools.

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