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Online Early Childhood Courses


For additional information contact:

Lola Shipp
Education Specialist
Utah State Board of Education
801 538-7890

The Utah State Board of Education, in partnership with UEN, is offering online courses to better meet the needs of those Utah educators who are are working in a district Early Childhood program, pursuing their Early Childhood K-3 Licensure or others who want to increase early childhood professional knowledge and skills such as teachers, especially those in rural districts. These courses are developed by Utah teachers to support teaching the Utah Core Standards. The first eight years of children’s lives are their most rapid period of development and provide the foundation for their learning, behavior, and health.

In this course, participants will learn about child development from birth to eight and how interactions in the classroom support their development. This course is based on the premise that successful early childhood educators know how skills within each of the six domains of development progress from simple to complex. The course seeks to increase participant’s knowledge of how development is both unique and interconnected. Additionally, this course takes a highly-applied approach to build participants’ knowledge, recognition, and use of evidence-based practices within early childhood settings that support children’s development, both within and across domains.

IELP 5220-365
Child Development Birth to 8: Using Knowledge to Inform Teaching
This course is for educators interested in the Early Childhood K-3 Licensure and others who want to increase early childhood professional knowledge and skills. The course’s main focus is to increase participants’ knowledge of how development is both unique and interconnected to learning. 

Participation Criteria for Early Childhood K-3 Licensure courses:
The endorsement courses are designed specifically for Utah educators. Acceptance into the courses is based on these prioritized criteria:

Spring 2020
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