Get Googley with UEN Playlist

This series teaches you how to use Google products and features in your classroom successfully.

Beat Spring Fever
Premiered: May 10, 2023

Get your students excited about the world around them using Google Earth, Google Maps, and Pollinator Pathmakers. In this video, you’ll learn how these Google applications can help teach your students about different places across the globe and the environment. Watch now to learn more!

Video Resources Made Easy with Docs, Slides, and Forms
Premiered: April 12, 2023

Are you looking for ways to make video use in your classroom more efficient and engaging? In this episode of Get Googley, Matt showcases the power of using Google applications to enhance the videos in your lessons.

Fall in Love with Google Sheets
Premiered: February 8, 2023

In this video, Matt shares 3 useful tips and tricks for teachers looking to save time and increase productivity with the help of Google Sheets.

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence
Premiered: January 11, 2023

Have you ever thought of using Artificial intelligence (AI) in your classroom? In this video, Matt shows you the benefits of using AI to help support student learning with the help of a few Google tools readily available to you.

Calendar Hacks for the New Year
Premiered: December 14, 2022

Is staying organized on your new year's resolutions? Become a Google Calendar expert with these helpful tips and tricks so you can manage your schedule effectively this school year.

Sometimes Students Finish Early: Extension Activities for Student
Premiered: November 9, 2022

Get three ideas for extension activities available to you now using Google applications! Whether you’re looking to fill space between lessons or boost creativity, let’s “Get Googley” and explore innovative ways to use technology in your classroom.

Google Form Design - Applying Forms for Your Classroom
Premiered: October 12, 2022

Get three tips to revamp your Google Forms in just three minutes! Teachers can use Google Forms beyond quizzes, so let’s “Get Googley” and find new ways to add creativity to our lessons.

Shortcuts to Success
Premiered: September 14, 2022

Get Googley with UEN! This new series teaches you how to use Google products and features in your classroom successfully. In this first episode, host Matt Winters shares his tips and tricks for using Google shortcuts in your everyday teaching.


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