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Governor's Monthly News Conference
"We also will be having our annual Earthquake Preparedness Shakeout event on April 15th. So that is coming up. You can go to for more information." Governor Cox

February 21, 2021
"I am very excited to announce that as we continue to see our weekly allocations of doses increase, that I am announcing that as of right now, immediately, Utah adults ages 65 to 69 are now eligible to receive the vaccine."...

January 22, 2021
"The good news is though, right now we are seeing record vaccinations every day in every one of our local health departments." Governor Cox   

December 18, 2020
"We do appreciate it, and I'll just say again, they've (teachers) been on the front lines of this issue. It's been a challenge to our education system with this pandemic. And our teachers have showed up every day to do their...

September 28, 2020
"I think it takes everybody's cooperation, patience, and we know there's inconvenience, we know there's sacrifice that's been required, but that's how we're going to get through this and have a safe environment for our kids to...

August 23, 2020
"We're grateful that every school district, again, we have 41, every school district is going to be opening." Governor Herbert

March 7, 2020
"I fully expect this year that our legislature will robustly fund public education once again, my recommendations was a 4.5% weighted pupil unit increase which is the basic unit of funding education and a $292 million in new...

January 25, 2020
"Education has been my number one budget priority since I've been in office, and we've done very good by education." Governor Herbert

November 8, 2019
"If you want a good job get a good education, that's a truism. That is in fact truth. So that's why our emphasis on education is so much. Get a good education, get a good job." Governor Herbert