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Governor's Monthly News Conference
 "It might be of interest for you to know that we will introduce probably over 1,000 bills. We'll probably pass, again if history's any example, over 500 bills.    And 85% of those bills will be passed virtually...

November 18, 2018
"I think we have a responsibility, in fact, to appreciate different points of view, respect different points of view, engage with civility and respect..." Governor Herbert

April 29, 2018
"It's now time for the public to step up, and pay attention. We have got primary elections coming up in the fourth Tuesday in June, general elections in November, and it's an obligation that we have as voters to pay attention to...

March 25, 2018
"We're putting record amounts of money, nearly $500 million of new money, mostly ongoing, into public education and higher education." Governor Herbert

"We have no desire to privatize any of these public lands." Governor Herbert

October 22, 2017
"...And I think that the "secret sauce" of our success in Utah is really our ability, in fact, to work together." Governor Herbert 

September 23, 2017
"One of the big issues for us going forward into the future for Utah, as we've now become the fastest growing state in America, is water." Governor Herbert

June 22, 2017
"It is a beautiful summer day out there, and I know it's a time for families to take off and have family vacations to kind of travel and go up in the mountains and have recreational opportunities." Governor Herbert

April 23, 2017
"We want to be the best-performing education system in America and we're well on our way towards achieving that goal..." Governor Herbert