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Basic Basketball Skills

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills





Students need basic skills to play the game of basketball. Two skills, passing and dribbling, are introduced in this lesson.



Intended Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to perform the following skills adequately: 1.Pass 2.Dribble.

Instructional Procedures

Set the students in a circle. Tell them the purpose of today's activity. Tell them they need certain skills in the game of basketball to perform well and will be working on two of these skills today, passing and dribbling. Passing: (Say) There are a lot of different kinds of passing in basketball. We are only working on two today, the chest pass and the bounce pass.

The chest pass: (Say) Using both hands on the ball throw the ball from your chest to the other person's chest. (Demonstrate) When catching it; use both hands and bring it into the chest. (Demonstrate, then have the students practice with partners for 5 minutes. Afterwards, have them come to the circle for more instructions.)

The bounce pass: (Say) Using both hands on the ball, quickly bounce the ball once to the floor toward your partner who should catch it with both hands. (Demonstrate, then have the students practice this skill with partners for 5 minutes.) Bring the students back in a circle and contiue with the skill of dribbling. (Say) There are three basic dribbles:

1. The right hand

2. The left hand

3. The cross over. Right hand: (Say as you demonstrate) Only use the right hand as you bounce the ball and keep it in control.

Left hand: (Say as you demonstrate) Only use the left hand this time as you bounce the ball and keep it in control.

Cross over: (Say and demonstrate) For the cross-over, you begin dribbling with your right hand, bounce it to your left hand, dribble for a while, then bounce it to your right hand again and continue to dribble with the right hand. Continue dribbling from left to right.

When you feel they understand this skill, have them stand in a large circle with each student having a basketball, practice each of the dribbling skills. After each skill has been practiced, Play a game called Birdie In The Cage.

1)All the student are in a large circle except one, who is inside the circle. Students on the outside are the cage and the student in the middle is the bird.

2)Use one ball and pass from the chest to another person trying to keep the bird from getting it. If the bird gets it he becomes part of the cage and the student that threw it becomes the bird as the game continues.

3) Play this for 10 minutes. Have every student get a ball. Get in groups of 5's and have relays using the different kinds of dribbling. Do this for 5 or 10 minutes.

Created: 06/13/1997
Updated: 02/03/2018