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AIH-15: Colony Settlement & American Indian Involvement

Group Size

Small Groups


Utah LessonPlans


Students will gain knowledge of American Indian individuals and tribes involved in the settlement of English colonies.

Background for Teachers

This is the second of three lessons in the Eighth Grade American Indian History Lesson Plan Unit:

Instructional Procedures

Essential Question 1: How were major East Coast tribes involved with the settlement of English colonies?

Through a combination of teacher presentation or student research, examine the following:

  • Stories of Roanoke (1587)
  • The Iroquois relationship with the French and the Dutch (1567-1635, 1606-1630)
  • Jamestown (1607)
  • Plymouth (1620)
  • The real first Thanksgiving (1621).
  • The first people who met Europeans.


  • Early English Colonies
    (maps of early English colonies)
  • The Roanoke Colony
  • Jamestown
  • Plymouth
  • Dutch Iroquois
  • The Iroquois Wars
  • Encounters in the New World: A History in Documents by Jill Lepore
  • American Encounters: Natives and Newcomers from European Contact to Indian Removal, 1500-1850, 1999. Peter Mancall and James Merrell.
  • Wampanoag ( Plymouth )
  • Powhatan ( Jamestown )
  • Paspahegh ( Jamestown )
  • Croatan ( Roanoke )
  • Iroquois

Essential Question 2: Who were the major individuals, both American Indian and European, involved with the settlement of the English colonies?

Do a jigsaw strategy with groups. Begin with groups of nine, then each student goes to another group, reading and discussing a short biography of a specific individual listed below. Each student then returns to his or her group of nine and teachs the others what he or she knows about what they read and discussed in their individual specific group.

John Smith

Red Jacket (Sagoyewatha, “He keeps them awake”)


Red Shoes (Shulush Humma, Shulush Homa)

John White

Red Wing (Koo-poo-hoo-sha; Tatankamani)


Philip Amadas

Tatank’amini, “Walking Buffalo ”


Frederick Remington

Arthur Barlowe

King Philip Metacomet

Massasoit John Carver


  • Documentary: Pocahontas: Her True Story (1987) by A&E Entertainment
  • General source for maps, timelines, primary documents, etc.:
  • Hazen-Hammond, Susan. Timelines of Native American History. Through the Centuries with Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Assessment Plan

Essential Question 1:
Students create a living timeline of colonies and tribes.

Essential Question 2:
Matching test of people with colony or tribe and a short written description of the settlement.


Utah State Office of Education
Social Studies Enhancement Committee
American Indian History

Lesson Plan Writers:

  • Loya Arrum - Ute
  • Don Mose - Navajo
  • Irene Silentman - Navajo Nation
  • Brenda Francis
  • Janice Schroeder - Lummbee
  • Lee Borup
  • Gary Tom - Paiute, Tribal Council (Kaibab Band)
  • Dolores M. Riley, Consultant
Under the Direction of the Indian Education Specialist, Shirlee Silversmith. Special thanks to Dolores Riley.

Created: 01/31/2005
Updated: 02/02/2018