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Making Decisions

Main Core Tie

General Financial Literacy
Strand 1 Standard 1

Time Frame

3 class periods of 45 minutes each


Utah LessonPlans


Provide an understanding and an awareness of the factors that can influence decisions, introduce basic decision-making methodologies, and provide structured practice in analyzing a problem, identifying options, and making a decision.


Instructional Procedures

Students will complete the following activities:

Activity #1:

What are you trying to decide? (pdf)

  • Have students identify three decisions they are trying to make (e.g., going to a party, moving away from home, buying a car, buying a home, calling in sick to work, etc.)
  • Have them use the decision-making process sheet to work through one of the decisions they have identified.

Activity #2:

What decision-making strategies have you used? (pdf)

  • As a class, have students identify and role-play the various decision-making strategies they've used.
  • Discuss how well they think their strategies have worked.
  • Discuss what factors might have influenced their choice of strategies.

Activity #3:

How do economic conditions affect decision making? (pdf)

  • Research current economic conditions and determine possible effects on personal and financial decisions.
  • Discuss what actions might be taken based on various economic conditions

Activity #4

Can you analyze a decision? (pdf)

  • Ask students to volunteer to videotape one or more of their favorite television programs.
  • Using the videotaped television programs, have students identify the decision-making strategies being used by the main characters.
  • Have students document the decision-making process using the sheet provided.
  • Discuss how well each strategy worked.



Assessment Plan


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Created: 08/03/2005
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