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Childcare (Guidance)

Main Core Tie

FCS Exploration
Strand 6 Standard 1

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Employability


Utah LessonPlans


Students will identify characteristics of a quality caregiver. They will practice positive guidance techniques.


Worksheets for students.

Background for Teachers

Be prepared to share experiences that relate to positive guidance techniques.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Basic skills required of care givers.

Practice positive guidance.

Instructional Procedures

The teacher may either read the story aloud to the class, divide it into sections for groups to read, or pass the story out as an individual assignment. Have all students fill out worksheets and turn them in.

The other attachments are worksheets that deal with child care.

Created: 07/17/2002
Updated: 02/05/2018