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Copyright Quiz

Group Size





In this plan, students are made aware of copyright and fair use guidelines for teachers and asked to take a quiz on what they have learned.


Instructional Procedures

Invitation to Learn

Prior to presenting this lesson, the classroom teacher or library media teacher should remind students of any expectations or policies related to plagiarism in student work. This will be a natural lead-in to the presentation of the copyright and fair use guidelines that form the basis of this lesson.

Instructional Procedures

This activity can be accomplished by having students work in pairs, small groups or individually.

After grouping students, hand out the Copyright Chart attached. Give students a short time period (5 or 10 minutes) to familiarize themselves with the chart.

After the students have reviewed the chart, hand out the Copyright Quiz. Allow the students to work on the quiz for 20-30 minutes.

The quiz can be corrected for a grade in the collaborating classroom, or the Copyright Answers can be handed out and reviewed orally for the whole class to reinforce and understanding of the fair use guidelines.

Assessment Plan

  • Quizzes will be graded using the answer key provided.


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Torrans, Lee Ann. Law for K-12 Libraries and Librarians. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2003.

Created: 08/10/2008
Updated: 02/04/2018