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WSD K Identify the parts of the computer

Time Frame

2 class periods of 15 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

  • Social & Civic Responsibility
  • Employability


Weber District


This lesson will help students identify the parts of a computer.


a computer that has the Internet

Background for Teachers

Be familiar with accessing the Internet and the parts of a computer--mouse, monitor, keyboard, printer, processor, modem, floppy disk, CD-Rom and memory(RAM).

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Each student will be able to identify the parts of a computer.

    Instructional Procedures

    1. Open up the Internet.
    2. Go to the links below or type in the address--
    3. Click on Etechie, Technology Standards, Elementary Tech Standards, Performance Indicators, K-2, Mouse Monitor Printer, Computer Lesson for kids and small adults or introduction to hardware is right below it.

    Assessment Plan

    Performance for this activity can be assessed as you walk around and ask the students to point to the different parts of the computer--mouse, monitor, key board, printer, processor, floppy disk slot, CD-Rom slot and memory(RAM).

Created: 07/20/2002
Updated: 02/02/2018