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Parent/Teen Relationships

Time Frame

1 class periods of 70 minutes each




Common characteristics in parent/teen relationships. Relationship responsibilities related to parents and teens. This is part of the Family Unit.


"Parents are People" and "Teens are People, Too" are from the Curriculum Guide.

Background for Teachers

The textbook used is, "Strengthening Family and Self" published by Goodheart-Willcox.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Teens are going through growing stages; they are concerned about having their ideas challenged and have strong feelings concerning various issues. It is healthy for teens to have thoughts of their own. Both youth and adults are going through growing stages. Teens have a difficult time accepting advice from their own parents. Teens showing responsibility receive more freedom and rights.

Instructional Procedures

Journal, text, guidelines for parents, video - The Trophy Case, relating, interviews assignment, and internet quiz and review.

Assessment Plan


    Go to the UEN lesson plans folder and click on the lesson topic. This quiz might include questions that do not apply to the subject (they were from my concurrent enrollment textbook reading). You'll need to delete these questions.

Created: 07/03/2003
Updated: 02/04/2018