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Prepositional Phrase Map Quest

Additional Core Ties

Educational Technology - (Grades 6-8)
Standard 9

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication


Lauren Hollister


This is an ESL lesson, it can fill in as a review for other students learning about Prepositions. Students use a power point presentation as a drill and practice program. They are able to review reading a map and the form and functions of Prepositional Phrases.
The Curriculum tie is difficult to decide because the state doesn't have specific curriculum for ESL students. This is to be used with intermediate ESL students.


You will need a computer with Microsoft Power point on it, more computers if you are going to pair them into groups for the activity. If you want to use it as a whole class activity you will need a video projector that allows you to view the presentation on a large board. You will also need the file with the worksheet, and the presentation.

Background for Teachers

You need to know power point and to have taught your students the form and functions of Prepositional Phrases.

Student Prior Knowledge

Form and Functions of Prepositional Phrases. Map reading skills How to use a mouse, keyboard, and the basics of guiding powerpoint.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The Students will be able to define a prepositional phrase and give you examples of some phrases. They will be able to recognize the form of the phrase and how to use it in a sentence. They will be able to use powerpoint to navigate their way through the worksheet and the activity itself.

Instructional Procedures

Whole Class Activity

You need to set up the projector and the computer so the whole class can see the presentation. You will also need to give each student a copy of the Map and the Worksheet. Start the presentation, and read the instructions to the students. Review the instructions so you know each student understands what is required of them. To start you can have students take turns answering the questions and clicking the buttons to move through the slides and the worksheet. Guide the students if they aren't understanding the material. Help them if they need it, show them on the Map. Also, It helps to write a list of prepositions on the board to help them out, it gives them a review list if they need it. When they are done they can hand in the worksheet for grading.

Individual Drill and Practice

Make sure the student has the worksheet and is able to guide themselves through the program. It helps if the teacher is near by to answer any questions the student might have. This is created to be part of a larger lesson on Prepositional phrases, it is only a review for what they have already learned.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

This is designed for English Language learners, and is easy to move around the program. With guidance I think any student will be able to complete the assignment, hopefully, successfully.


It could be attatched to a full length lesson on Prepositional Phrases, or a lesson on Map reading.

Assessment Plan

AS long as the student can guide thier way through the presentation you know that they understand the computer aspect. The worksheet will allow you to know if they have mastered the grammar aspect.


Power Point, Existing Prepositional Phrase Lesson created by Myself, Visio 2000 Word Perfect


Created: 07/29/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018