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australian animals


Kendra Drake


This lesson teaches students about Australian animals.



  • Animal Planet: Australian Zoo
    This site is geared for kids and has interactive games and activities. I found it through a MarcoPolo search.
  • CultureGrams Kids Edition: The World
    This site has a map of the world so I can show the students where Australia is in relation to the rest of the world. We can then click on Australia to find out more about Australian animals and other Australian facts.
  • Unique Australian Animals
    I found this link through a utahlink site. This site has over 100 Australian animals listed. You can click on any of the animals and see many wonderful pictures and information about that animal.

I'll need the kangaroo head from the Alpine School District Media Center, a computer, and a television with a computer hookup.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to name at least 5 Australian animals. They will also be able to distinguish which animals are Australian animals and which are not from about 10 pictures of animals. The students will know what a marsupial is and will be able to name two Australian animals which are marsupials (koala & kangaroo).

Instructional Procedures

Show the kids the kangaroo head and ask for guesses about what animal it is. If no one guesses, tell the kids it is a kangaroo. "Does anyone know where it is from?" "It's from Australia." (Have the computer hooked up to the TV.) Show the culture grams map of Australia. Ask if anyone knows where Australia is. Have someone come up and point to Australia. (Click on Australia and watch the photo gallery slide show to show the kids pictures of Australia.) Ask if anyone knows which other animals are in Australia. (Go to the Unique Australian Animals Web site.) Show the students the pages for the koala, kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, dingo, echidna, platypus, penguin, great white shark, frilled neck lizard, crocodile, wallaby, a wombat, and any others they might be interested in. On the koala page tell the kids the koala looks like a bear but it's really a marsupial. Marsupials have a pouch to carry their baby in. Kangaroos are also a marsupial. Tell some facts about each animal from the information on the page. When we're finished, have the students discuss which animals were their favorites and why. Give each student a piece of paper to write about their favorite Australian animal and draw a picture of it. The next day show the kids the Animal Planet: Australian Zoo site. During computer time, let the kids explore the Animal Planet: Australian Zoo site. The next day review with the students which animals are Australian animals. Give the assessment.

Assessment Plan

I will use a written assessment to test the students knowledge of Australian animals.

Created: 03/29/2004
Updated: 02/01/2018