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8th Grade Literature Circles--Book Clubs

Time Frame

6 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Social & Civic Responsibility
  • Employability




Students will be in groups of four to six in reading three to four different books throughout the semester. Each group will delegate jobs to group members to complete tasks throughout their chosen novel. Groups will hand in their package at the end of each given period. Due dates will be listed on Kearns' home page and on the classroom board. Each group will concentrate on story elements: Setting/Time/Place Characters--Protagonist/Antagonist--Personality Traits and choices made, Storyline or Plot, Conflict/Resolution. Rubric used will emphasize these elements.


Class novels or informational books

Background for Teachers

Knowledge of assigned books and guidance to groups to produce quality work.

Student Prior Knowledge

Knowledge of group assignments, tasks, and outcomes. Thoroughly discuss the roles: Facilitator, Discussion Director, Secretary (Taking minutes of every meeting), Art Director, Literary Luminary, and book report or character analysis writer(see web link below for an example).

Intended Learning Outcomes

Total group collaboration will dictate the outcome of their product at the end of each time period. Each student will know what is expected and will be graded as an individual in the group by the group leader, and also give a group grade. Facilitator is in charge of the group's overall grade and product.

Instructional Procedures

Instruct students on the procedures for each group member and the final product due at the end of each selected time frame. Students in each group will have selected the book of their choice and begin to meet with the other students that chose the same novel. The students will then delegate roles to the members of each group. The final product will consist of a representation or retell of their book in the form of a mini-book with illustrations, a collage with a written format of a retell, video representation with a written version, paintings, drawings, or 3-D types of illustrations with written rewrites. Each job listed will be given and students will perform tasks to the best of their abilities and chose their jobs accordingly. Throughout the year, students may or may not choose another role to enhance their job skills and understandings of each required position. The following positions will be filled and responsibilities accordingly: FACILITATOR: Delegates Authority--responsible for each member performing their task, calling, emailing, checking to make sure task will be completed in the time frame; gives assignments to each member; checks due dates and assigns reading, writing, and illustrators tasks. They will give each group member a final grade for their quality and timely work (Choose a student that will be proficient in leadership). DISCUSSION DIRECTOR: Is responsible for reading ahead and writing down thought-provoking questions to be discussed during the group meetings; questions that are text-to-text, text-to-world, and text-to-self; print out questions and give each group member a copy to complete during their assigned reading; call or email a group member if they are absent to ensure they have a copy of the questions. Your job is to keep the discussions of the completed questions to run smoothly. Remember each student will have a different perspective into the storyline or characters and the wealth of input is vital to the outcome of the final product (Choose the most effective reader to take on this task). SECRETARY: The role is to write the notes of the discussions held in class (someone with great writing skills). ART DIRECTOR: This role will entail a student to draw, paint, sculpt, make a collage, make a mini-film of a retell, interviews, take pictures--either real or abstract that will capture the mood or theme of each chapter or sectionof the book (a student with the drive or talent). LITERARY LUMINARY: This is a similar job to the Art Director, yet the appeal to this position is to choose words or phrases that captures the picture in our minds that are unfamiliar or really creative, words from the past or from the book's era are really helpful for comprehension. Use creative ways to illustrate these words and their meanings.

Assessment Plan




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