Lucid for Education

Create charts and visual content online!

Lucid for Education is a suite of visual applications that combine the creative power of diagramming and design to help students understand their own thinking, actively participate in their learning, and gain crucial digital skills.

Motivate students to actively participate in the entire learning process. Begin with brainstorming on a digital whiteboard with Lucidspark, then move to idea mapping on an infinite canvas with Lucidchart and finish by demonstrating what has been learned through online, collaborative publishing with Lucidpress. Integrate assignments and group work with your LMS such as Canvas, Google Classroom or Schoology and other common learning tools with a suite of integrations.

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Lucidspark is a robust collaborative ideation tool on an infinite digital whiteboard. It’s where students can work with partners, small groups, or the whole class to discuss topics, explore ideas, or respond to prompts. It’s where teachers can visualize ideas and have students actively participate in their lectures by commenting, voting, attaching sticky notes, and more.

Lucidspark in 60 Seconds

Host dynamic brainstorming sessions on an intuitive canvas. Collect ideas, organize thoughts, and pick the best course of action to keep your project moving forward. Then take the next step and turn insights into action.

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Lucidchart offers hundreds of editable, ready-to-use dynamic graphic organizers to help students process and organize new information. These graphic organizers scaffold critical thinking, walking students through the thinking process, step by step. It makes it easy to guide students through subject material, no matter where they are physically or academically.

Lucidchart in 90 Seconds

Intuitive and dynamic graphic organizers like timelinesmind maps, and venn diagrams that accommodate all students, from those in elementary school to those in advanced engineering courses.

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Lucidpress is a multi-media publishing tool. It allows students to create professional visual aids to present topics in multiple formats. Lucidpress is as suited for slide decks as it is for signs and flyers. Lucidpress makes it possible for students to professionally demonstrate what they know in the way that best reaches their audience.

Lucidpress in 60 seconds

A tool that makes it easy for all students from those in elementary school to those in advanced digital communication courses to create stunning content that brings their big ideas to life.

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