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my.uen Help Center
What is my.uen?

my.uen provides registered educators an easy way to create a customized web page. my.uen also provides educators direct access to UEN Tools and Services.

The self-designed web page allows users to choose and organize content such as:

  • an online calendar
  • messages and announcements
  • weather forecasts and stock quotes
  • documents
  • bookmarks for quick access to your favorite sites

If you don’t have a my.uen account, you can create one by registering at 

Who Can Create a my.uen Account?

my.uen is a service for educators and pre-service teachers only. View Terms and Conditions.

Public page vs. Personal page

  1. Your Public my.uen page is a web page that you can "build" or customize to help you communicate with students, parents and the general public. 
    You can:
    • Post announcements and messages
    • Share calendar events
    • Create and customize multiple pages
  2. Your Personal my.uen page is a private web page that is for your eyes only.  Go here to:
    • View your Utah Educator Licensing information in CACTUS
    • Access UEN's Tools, such as the Lesson Plan Tool and Rubric Tool
    • Manage your Bookmarks, Documents and Polls

Unlike the previous my.uen, the Personal page is NOT a mirror image of your Public page. No one but you will see your Personal page.

When you log into the new my.uen the first time you will be prompted to set your default start page to either the Edit Public Page or to the Personal Page.

What is a portlet?

Portlets are the “Stuff” or “Gadgets” that you want displayed on your my.uen pages.  Many portlets can be customized with your personal information or preferences.  For example, the Weather portlet allows you to enter one or more zip codes and receive local weather forecasts.