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UETN Instrumental in Broadband Access Throughout Utah

New Utah Foundation research on how broadband shapes Utah and education

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network has been instrumental in helping Utah residents gain access to broadband Internet services, a new report says. 

The Utah Foundation released a research report titled “21st Century Infrastructure: How Broadband Internet has Shaped and Is Shaping Utah.” The October 13, 2015 report focused on the availability of broadband service to communities in urban and rural areas of the state.

It highlights UETN as the “backbone in helping schools – and their surrounding communities – get connected to broadband service.”

Janette Tomkinson, a facilitator at Bear River High School in Box Elder School District, provided a live example of school video conferencing as a part of the announcement of the report. She said many students in rural areas access educational services through Interactive Video Conferencing. “UEN provides a better experience than webcasts,” Tomkinson said.

The report also notes, “While 96% of Utah households have access to broadband services, only 35% of households actually purchase this level of service.”

“Utah’s investment in the Utah Education and Telehealth Network, on the other hand, has made it possible for many remote communities to benefit from broadband Internet as well,” said Shawn Teigen, research director at the Utah Foundation.  

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