Explore a collection of resources to help students learn about American Indians and the first Thanksgiving.

 Students can broaden their perspectives on Thanksgiving with the following Thanksgiving resources:

Library of Congress - Thanksgiving
View a teachers resoruce guide as well as primary source documents from the Library of Congress focused around Thanksgiving.

Decolonizing Thanksgiving: A Toolkit for Combatting Racism in Schools
Resources useful for teachers wanting to alter their approach to teaching about Native peoples and Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom, Grades K-5
Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans, Activity Ideas and Other Curriculum Resources from the National Education Association

American Indian Perspectives on Thanksgiving
The National Museum of the American Indian offers a comprehensive resource with teacher-facing ideas and activities for grades 4-8.

Teaching Thanksgiving in a Socially Responsible Way
Educators have an ethical obligation to teach accurately about Thanksgiving. Here are some online resources that can help. 

Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian
What really happened at the First Thanksgiving? Become a history detective and find out!

The First Thanksgiving
Learn more about the first Thanksgiving harvest celebration and take a closer look at the historical significance of the Pilgrims' settlement.

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