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Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Not sure if your child is ready to tackle the world of kindergarten? Our Kindergarten Readiness Checklist will give you an idea on what areas your child is doing well in, and where they may need some extra attention. It’s a good idea to do the checklist, print it out and then work with your child in the areas they need extra help. In a few weeks, do the checklist again to see how much your child has improved.

Fine Motor Skills

  1. Puts a 10- to 12-piece puzzle together
  2. Holds scissors correctly

  3. Holds a pencil or crayon properly

Gross Motor Skills

  1. Runs, jumps and skips
  2. Walks backward

  3. Walks up and down stairs

Social Skills

  1. Uses words instead of being physical when angry

  2. Speaks clearly so an adult can understand him/her
  3. Plays with other children
    (Note: We have items on friendship, but not just simple play. Let me know if you'd like a list of the friendship resources.)

  4. Follows simple directions
    • Parents & Teachers - Activities and Resources
      (Note: Really we have a number of potential activities here; many related to cooking. Let me know if you want a more extensive list. Also, I'm assuming you mean instructions here, but let me know if you are talking about cardinal directions.)
  5. Expresses feelings and needs
  6. Goes to the bathroom by him/herself

  7. Waits his/her turn and shares
  8. Talks in sentences
  9. Asks questions about things around him/her

  10. Enjoys having books read to him/her

  11. Can tell a story about a past event

  12. Says “please” and “thank you”

  13. Can spend extended periods away from Mom and Dad

Academic Skills

  1. Recognizes shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  2. Can sort items by color, shape and size
  3. Can identify six parts of his/her body
  4. Understands concept words such as up, down, in, out, behind, over
  5. Counts from 1 to 10

  6. Recognizes five colors

  7. Tries to write his/her name
  8. Recognizes his/her written name

Personal Information

  1. Knows his/her full name
  2. Knows how old he/she is
  3. Knows his/her address and telephone number
  4. Knows his/her mother and father’s first names

Source: USBE  “Kindergarten Here We Come” pamphlet