Open Education Resources Symposium

March 25-28, 2024 Teach & Learn with Open Education Resources a virtual symposium for Utah Higher Education

The Symposium

On March 25–28, join colleagues from universities and colleges across Utah for a virtual symposium to help you discover the power of OER to

  • Boost student retention and achievement
  • Find and adopt or adapt high-quality resources
  • Create digital books for print, e-readers, Canvas integration and more


Recorded Sessions:

Monday, 3/25/2024 @ 9 a.m.
Keynote: Managing Change in Higher Education to Achieve Open Education Benefits: Patience, Planning and Persistence 
Presenter: Gerry Hanley (MERLOT and SkillsCommons)
Dr. Hanley will discuss change management processes for building an open culture that will support faculty, student and institutional success as well as collaborative strategies for accelerating open educational initiatives.

Monday, 3/25/2024 @ 3 p.m.
Introduction to Open Education Resources
Presenter: Emma Lanners (UT)
Get empowered to start your trek with OER. Delve into the basic definition of OER, why it matters, licensing nuances and starting points for those just beginning their open journey.

Tuesday, 3/26/2024 @ 11 a.m.
Introduction to Pressbooks with Canvas
Presenter: Amy Song (Pressbooks)
Learn the basics of Pressbooks — from how to create a book to building all of the components within it. We’ll also discuss how to adapt existing materials and reuse content.

Tuesday, 3/26/2024 @ 4 p.m.
Empowering OER Growth: Leveraging Grants and Local Infrastructure
Presenters: Elizabeth Matheson (UT), Emma Lanners (UT) & Justin Kani (WSU)
Explore strategies for scaling OER projects through grant funding using local university infrastructure, including libraries, IT, teaching and learning services, and administrative support.

Wednesday, 3/27/2024 @ 11 a.m.
Project Showcase: Writing and Language OERs
Presenters: Cristie Cowles Charles (BYU), Electra Gamón Fielding (WSU) & Isabel Asenio (WSU)
In this session, learn about several different faculty experiences using and creating OER. Learn from Dr. Cristie Cowles Charles from Brigham Young University who has utilized OERs to teach advanced writing and writing in the social sciences. Additionally, learn how Dr. Electra Fielding and Dr. Isabel Asensio from Weber State University use OERs to support students in their foreign language courses.

Wednesday, 3/27/2024 @ 12 p.m.
Student Leaders Pave the Path: Strengthening OER Visibility Strategies with Students at the Helm
Presenters: Andrea Scott (SLCC) & Emily Orton (SLCC) 
Explore student perspectives on OER, learn about student-led visibility campaigns and gain insights into course-making from the SLCC Student Senate Association's standpoint.

Wednesday, 3/27/2024 @ 2 p.m.
OER for Technical Colleges and Workforce Programs
Presenter: John McLeod (Pressbooks)
Explore the transformative potential of OER for technical colleges and workforce programs. Gain insights into the way Pressbooks networks address the challenges of OER adoption, adaptation and creation in workforce development and technical disciplines.

Wednesday, 3/27/2024 @ 3 p.m.
Panel Discussion: Scaling Up OER Initiatives to a State Level
Panalists: Amy Hofer (Oregon OER), Andrea Scott (SLCC), Chealsye Bowley (Colorado HE) & Wayde Oshiro (Leeward CC)
Join the discussion with three state-level OER coordinators to learn about the different approaches used in each state to scale up OER coordination.

Thursday, 3/28/2024 @ 11 a.m.
Advanced Features & Accessibility in Pressbooks
Presenter: Amy Song (Pressbooks)
Take your book to the next level. Learn how to create and add H5P activities and incorporate Hypothesis on books to enable social annotation.

Thursday, 3/28/2024 @ 1 p.m.
EdTech Books: Sharing the Process for Successful Graduate-Level Open Textbooks
Presenters: Jason K. McDonald (BYU) & Richard E. West (BYU)
Two professors in Instructional Psychology and Technology at BYU will discuss successfully designing effective and engaging learning environments with graduate-level open textbooks.

Thursday, 3/28/2024 @ 2 p.m.
Find, Curate, and Create Higher Ed OER
Presenter: Katie Blunt (UEN)
Learn effective strategies for discovering and integrating OER into higher education courses. We will specifically explore Utah’s eMedia platform and the brand-new UALC resource hub, which offers freely accessible materials such as textbooks and multimedia.

Thursday, 3/28/2024 @ 3 p.m.
Project Showcase: OER to Reduce Student Costs and Share Undergraduate Research
Panalists: Annie Fukushima (UofU), Cindy Greenman (UT), Derrick Esplin (UT), James Richards (UT) & Kishan Thambu (UofU)
A faculty panel will share diverse experiences using and creating OER. Featured topics include a project to replace inclusive access material with an OER textbook and using Pressbooks for undergraduate research conference proceedings



Presented by:

UEN Digital Press with Pressbooks and the Utah Academic Library Consortium

Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC)
UEN Digital Press with Pressbooks

in partnership with:

BYU Library
Salt Lake Community College
Southern Utah University - Gerald R. Sherratt Library
University of Utah - J. Willard Marriott Library
Utah State Univeristy Libraries
Utah Tech University Library
Weber State University - Stewart Library